From juju to gospel music: Evangelist Architect Chris Olaniran

Visitors to the UK cannot but notice massive construction of new dwelling properties as well as rejuvenation of old ones. Regeneration, renovation re-purposing of properties is a major way by which the country, beautifies and encourages cashflow in the country.

Notable amongst the brains behind this is the Nigerian born Christopher Olusola Olaniran. UK trained, architect Apart from his basic training, he holds several other post graduate qualifications in building construction.

-architect from Monday through Friday; but come weekend, he would transform into an entertainer – juju gospel music. Olaniran has now given up the juju aspect for evangelism
According to him, ‘’Formally a juju Gospel Artist and entertainer on weekends, Led by the Holy spirit, I have now given this up for the pursuit of populating God’s kingdom on earth’’.

Olaniran informed further, “Music has been a part of me from the onset, I love to sing, be it in the church choir  or on stage gracing an event ( weddings and concerts)  which led myself and other music enthusiasts to the formation of a band called Divine Praise Vibes where I was one of two lead singers I continued my solo carrier in music when the band setting didn’t work out, I was the last man standing-  the solo artist named Olusola Divine.

Indeed, his family easily qualify as the Music Family. His wife, Lara and daughter regularly feature as Chrisitan Gospel musicians. His sister in-law, Rotimi Olaniran is already a celebrated solo artiste.

Now married, a father of 4 and an ordained evangelist, Chris now ministers through the word of God and songs too. His music can only be described as inspirational with messages that are direct and meaningful, purposely for evangelising and great encouragement for the children of God. ”If we cannot sing to evangelise, who are we singing for?”

 Chris has a state of the art music studio, SoundWaves Productions where he produces most of his music with  outlets all over the place. The studio occasional produces videos too. The services on offer are not for profit or income but to help and assist gospel musicians in need.

His videos are on YouTube, (Olusola Divine) and Facebook fan page and other music mediums too, my production is not for income purposes but strictly for the propagation of God almighty.

“I am Olusola Divine. At God’s Service”.

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