SIDF Equips Orphans With Skills

… As Baytu Sakeenah Home Marks One Year

… Sisters In Deen See Project As Divine

L-R: Sister Binta Adisa, Sister Rafat Ojutomori, Alhaja Kudirat Akinlabi-Ope, Dr Nurat Akinlabi- Babalola, Prof. Fatimah AbdulKareem, Imam Hassan Idris Tahir, Imam Oluwole Ogba Central Mosque and Barrister Femi Sunmonu cutting the anniversary cake.

As Baytu Sakeenah Home marks a year anniversary, the Sisters In Deen Foundation, SIDF, has promised to keep equipping orphans and vulnerable groups with various sets of skills to empower them and add values to their lines.

A call has also gone to well-meaning individuals and corporate organisations to always reach out to orphans and needy in the society. 

Imam Hassan Idris Tahir, the Head of Bab-es-Salam Home, gave the advice while speaking to newsmen at the one year anniversary of Sisters In Deen Foundation Orphanage. 

L-R: Sister Binta Adisa, Sister Rafat Ojutomori, Dr Nurat Akinlabi- Babalola, Sister Basirat Oladosu, Sister Abisola Dina, Sister Yinka Kareem, Sister Fatimah Monguno cutting the anniversary cake.

“As the Prophet says in one Hadith that; “save yourself from the hell even if it is half of a date”, so within our capacity, we must assist others because one thing we must understand is that Allah relate with us according to how we relate with others. If you want Allah to be merciful to you, be merciful to others. The Prophet (S.A.W) also said that “the one who doesn’t show mercy, won’t see mercy.”

“Allah helps his servant as long as his servant is helping others. So, our relationship with others  have connection with how Allah also treats us.”

The Prophet (S.A.W) also urged us to show mercy to the needy including the orphans.” Imam Tahir concluded.

Also speaking at the event, Chairperson,  SIDF, Prof. Fatimah AbdulKareem urged all those Allah has blessed to also show love and care to orphans and widows.

Alhamdulillah we are fulfilled and the children are also happy. We appeal to corporate organizations and even individuals that are even more buoyant than corporate organisations to reach out to the needy in our society. It’s just for us to be a little bit selfless, not to think of ourselves alone, we should think of those who will also need our assistance.”

 “So, when those who have give to those who don’t have, there will be less crime in the society, there will be peace in the society and there will be peaceful co-existence for all.”

She therefore encouraged everybody to always look out for those who don’t have and give without them asking. 

In her welcome address, SIDF President,  Dr. Nurat Akinlabi Babalola went down memory and gave thanks to almighty Allah for the success so far while calling for more support.

“The project which we are here to celebrate its first anniversary is simply a divine project. When the members of the Truth Bearer Platform began yearly visitations to orphans during the month of Ramadan we never knew Allah’s plan.”

According to her, SIDF is also out to contribute significantly to social inclusion of orphans and vulnerable youths as without social inclusion of these marginalized groups, where is the social justice we all seek? 

“How do we achieve the peace we all seek? Over the past year, we have admitted and fostered 11 children out of which 2 have been reunited with their families. We lay particular emphasis on education thus, children attend one of the best schools in our axis, Taqwa International School.”

She made mention of another area of focus programmes, which is to equip Orphans and Vulnerable Children with skills through skill acquisition programmes in order to make them independent.

Dr. Nurat therefore encouraged other creative entrepreneurs to volunteer to assist with this initiative. 

Apart from the children at the home, SIDF also supports widows and their wards especially with university placement and financing. 

“At Baytu Sakeenah Home, one can be foster mum to take care of the child’s needs, show compassion by visiting and spending productive time with them.”

You can also collaborate to benefit from this mountain of Hassanah. A scholarship scheme was established through the President’s Birthday 50th birthday Celebration in which the family and friends donated the seed money to invest for the scholarship scheme.

“We have also organised various outreach programs. One of which is that we began feeding needy family starting with just five families and now we feed over 60 families monthly. We also organised a Ramadan event where we had free medical screening, insightful lectures and also donated food items to needy families.” She concluded. 

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